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Are You Ready for Marriage?

What are your options? What should you know before you get married? Dr. Phil suggests looking closely at yourself and your relationship before tying the knot. Ask yourself these questions:

Why are you engaged? Honesty and a realistic look at your reasons for engagement are important. List the pros and cons of your partner and relationship. Don’t talk yourself into getting married, and don’t talk your partner into it either. Make sure you’re not marrying to avoid or escape something. Wanting to be married just for the sake of it is not a valid reason. Pay attention to your body; feeling nauseous while shopping for a dress or meeting with the caterer could be a sign.

Do you trust and know your partner’s past? Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Learn from it. How did your partner act in previous relationships? What has your partner done with you? What did your partner learn about marriage from their parents? Children often learn from their parents.

Are you planning a marriage or just a wedding? A wedding involves more than cake, flowers, and fine china. Marriage is more than just a day. Think about the next 50 years. Plan your marriage with as much effort and time as you put into planning your wedding. Create an emotional prenuptial contract with your partner. Discuss how you will handle issues like children, discipline, sex, finances, division of work, religion, careers, retirement, in-laws, or geography. You won’t be successful if you don’t discuss and plan these issues.

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