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What Safety Tips to be use when hire escort services?

The escort business is a lucrative one, and it is only growing year by year. If you are working as an escort, you know much that safety is essential when you do. You want to be safe from two sides – your clients and the law. Follow all the safety tips written below and have a mostly secure professional experience as an Indian pornstar.


All the safety points that you will ever find for escorts are mentioned in the following things:

  • Hiding your identity as much as possible
  • Concealing yourself from abusive clients
  • Hiding from the law
  • Staying in the situation

First contact

  • As far as possible, the first mode of contact should be by telephone. That means neglect directly meeting anybody till you have screened them over the phone.
  • Ask new customers to call first or email you. If you have a website, post a form that they can fill up.
  • You can use this to get data about them. Get as much info as you can in a professional way. Then, contact with a phone call to get a feel for the client.


  • If a selective client is contacting you for the first time, you should get the following information.
  • He should have a phone number where you can contact him.
  • The number should be a landline or hotel number for outgoing calls or a mobile phone number.
  • If the client requests that he only has a mobile number, don’t take his booking request for outcall appointments.

Terms of Service

  • You are an escort and working as professionals. You don’t need your clients to have the incorrect data about the services you give.
  • Make it clear to the client that payment is usually for time spent with you. This needs companionship