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Meetings “by distance” – a way to maintain social live

John is a fairly active user of the luvfree website. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Germany, he has never met anyone in person. However, meeting “live” with partners from, says John, he doesn’t happen often anyway – he usually waits quite a while before agreeing on a date. Although, according to him, the topic of virtual dates in conversations between users of luvfree surfaced before the epidemic.

Romantic relationships in the era of coronavirus – a rarity

a“A couple of times in chat rooms, we discussed the possibility of dating“ by distance ”and laughed at how strange, not sexy, and not romantic. But it seems to me that now this is the only way to meet, while remaining socially responsible people who are respectfully refer to the call to limit social contacts, “says John.

There are no statistics on how less often users of online dating platforms have begun to meet in Germany or other countries since social distance has become a new trend. But after bars, restaurants, clubs and discos were closed indefinitely in order to combat the coronavirus epidemic around the world, the number of places for such meetings was significantly reduced, and luvfree was the only way of dating that creates all the conditions for this. Using the luvfree website, you can exchange photos, chat without any restrictions. The luvfree dating site will help you immerse yourself in this wonderful feeling of love and escape from quarantine! The luvfree website conveys the full sensations of a real date, where you forget about everything and just enjoy each other.

According to luvfree, users from countries particularly affected by the pandemic have become even more active after restrictions on social contacts. And one more feature: now they communicate much longer. “The number of daily messages in the American segment of luvfree increased by 10-15 percent compared with February data. In Italy and Spain, compared to previous weeks, it increased to 25 percent – and this is a pan-European trend. The duration of chat conversations also increased by 10-30 percent compared to the February figures. ”

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The website allows you to continue communicating with your loved one, not paying attention to the situation that is happening in the world. True love is no hindrance!