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The issue with asexuality

Unlike abstinence, asexuality is the fact of not feeling the urge to have sex, whether with a man or a woman. It is therefore not a choice but a form of sexual orientation that is part of the personality.

On does not choose to be asexual

Just like homosexuality, or heterosexuality, asexuality is not controlled but is felt in its inner pros. Often mistakenly taken as a will to abstinence for various reasons, it is characterized by a total lack of desire for sexual relations in general, including masturbation.

While it may be a disease for some, it does not enter any classification of psychiatric illnesses and is not pathological.

Comment live son asexuality

For asexuals who have no interest in sex, it is not a renunciation that can lead to frustration but a lasting lack of desire. During attempts at sexual experiences, the lack of pleasure reinforce the belief that they have no libido.

However, asexuals are not deprived of emotional relationships, whether friendly or in love. Many therefore wish to live in a relationship with a spouse who accepts the absence of sexual relations.

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