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The Preggo Cam Girl Exposes What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Lola-Rose Curtis didn’t work for seven months after being forced to leave her job in the competitive world of recruiting due to a stress-related breakdown. Faced with an overdue rent payment, the 27-year-old from Windsor, Berkshire, was willing to try something new. She’d found out a buddy was working as a ‘ Preggo cam girl,‘ and with the encouragement of her sister, she decided to give it a shot and hasn’t looked back.

One interesting story 

She’s been a cam girl for a few months and earns hundreds of pounds each day for a few hours of work talking to guys online about their sexual desires and occasionally stripping down or using sex toys. “I used to have low self-confidence and physical concerns, but my self-esteem has skyrocketed since I started camming,” she added.

“What I used to consider flaws are adored by my audience. I believe that women should be able to do anything they want with their bodies without fear of being judged. “My work is similar to that of a therapist, and while sexual fantasies are a huge part of camming, I can talk to someone for hours about their day.”

So, what exactly does a cam girl do?

A cam lady will be online and accessible to others via a camera with a chat room where she may connect with others via typing or audio. You may either talk with the cam lady in a group session or in a private room where it will be one-on-one.

Chatting facility

Chatting will be paid per minute, with private conversations costing extra. I charge £2 a minute to speak with me in a group setting where men and women can see me fully dressed (well, little suggestive but no nudity), and £3 per minute to speak with me one-on-one.

Knowing the lady

A cam lady will also have a profile that will tell you everything about her; from this profile, you may estimate how much experience you will have. Find out things you wanna know about the girl and make your perfect day!