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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating

The idea of internet dating has achieved a lot of recognition and appreciation over the years. With the help of popular online dating websites, you can meet people with similar interests as yours and take your dating life to the next level. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about how internet dating works, this article is perfect for you.

Here we have discussed the top Dos and Don’ts of internet dating. Keep on reading to know how you can successfully find a companion and make sure they stay around for long. Then again, if you don’t know any trustworthy online dating websites, simply check out the listings on They list many adult websites and provide genuine reviews as well.


  1. Be precise

Whenever you are making a dating profile or filling an online dating questionnaire, try and be as specific as you can. This means, listing both your successes as well as failures. Also, write about what you are looking for, but it shouldn’t sound like you have weird expectations or demands. Be subtle.

  1. Use proper English, grammar, and spells

Whenever you are making a profile or chatting with another user, it is best if you double-check whatever you are typing. Also, make sure your sentences are making sense, you certainly don’t want to sound illogical.

  1. Attach a nice picture to your profile

Yes, you can use filters, but not something that changes your entire look. Also, whenever you are attaching a picture to your profile, it is best to use the most recent picture. Similarly, avoid using fake pictures, it won’t get you anywhere.

  1. Only provide a mobile number

Remember you are about to meet strangers, and thus it is best if you avoid giving your home number which can be traced.

  1. Keep an escape plan ready

When everything goes well, and you finally meet your online date in person, it is best if you have an escape plan ready. In some cases, the person you chatted with for hours may seem different in person. So, have a well-prepared and well-rehearsed exit-plan ready.


  1. Don’t use your work computer

Just like your dating life is personal, so should be your computer for online dating. Keep in mind that your company will have access to anything and everything on their equipment.

  1. Don’t fabricate your details

It is best if you keep stories to a minimum. The only way to avoid disappointments is, to be honest. So, put in your actual age, and your perfect physical description.

  1. Don’t use too many emoji while chatting

Well, emojis are without a doubt great, but deciding when to use them or when to avoid them is crucial. For instance, avoid starting a conversation with an emoji, or responding to serious questions with an emoji.

  1. Don’t become a social media stalker

Yes, Facebook and Instagram will give you a lot of juicy details about anyone, but is it necessary? Before you would even realize it, innocent browsing will turn into serious social media stalking.

  1. Don’t meet at any private location

When you are sure about meeting someone you spoke to online, it is best if you choose a public place. No matter how well you know this person, he/she is still a stranger.

So, there you go. enjoy online dating, but don’t forget to stay cautious and remember the dos and don’ts mentioned above.