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What are the ways women can masturbate to satisfy themselves?

Masturbation is a healthy way to relieve oneself of sexual tension. Especially when one does not want to have coitus. Things are even more interesting as a woman as there are more ways she can satisfy herself. Women have more erogenous zones, meaning they can achieve better and more intense orgasms when they masturbate the right way. And to top things, there are several free porn for women she can use while masturbating. So, if you are like many people wondering what ways women can masturbate to satisfy themselves then keep reading.

●      Fingering

Fingering is one of the most common ways women masturbate. It involves the use of the finger to penetrate the vagina. This is one of the go-to ways women masturbate as all they need to please themselves is right with them. As such, a woman can pleasure herself anywhere, anytime with no constraint. However, while fingering has its advantages, it is important to be wary of the fingernails so as not to puncture the skin, which can cause a burning sensation.


While fingering the vagina is pleasurable, women can switch things a notch higher by making use of vibrators. Vibrators are sex toys that produce vibrating pulses. The feeling of a vibrator in and around the vagina region is mind-blowing according to several women that make use of vibrators. Vibrators are so satisfying that women masturbating with a vibrator can have multiple orgasms. The only constraint of using a vibrator is that they run on batteries that could run down at the worst time, or are wired, hence not allowing you to masturbate where you possibly would like to.

Clitoris stimulation

Another way a woman can satisfy herself better when masturbating is by stimulating the clitoris. Women feel the most pleasure when the clitoris is stimulated. By constantly stimulating the clitoris a woman can achieve orgasm quicker and even more intensely compared to when the vagina is being penetrated. The clitoris can be stimulated with sex toys, or the finger by sliding it up and down, or back and forth. A gentle tapping motion while stimulating the clit and hood can also help build orgasm.


Some women prefer to hump when they masturbate. When humping, there is no penetration of the vagina, yet it is sexually gratifying. While humping can be done with your partner, you can also hump all by yourself. Humping is all about rubbing the genitals against an object, perhaps a pillow in a position that provides enough friction to stimulate the clitoris. 

Anal penetration

Lastly, women can satisfy themselves when masturbating by anal penetration. With plenty of sensitive nerve cells in the anal area, anal penetration can be quite pleasurable. A woman could make use of several sex toys for anal penetration. And if she does it right, anal penetration could even lead to orgasm.


To sum things up, masturbating all by yourself as a woman shouldn’t be boring. As a woman, there are several ways you can spice things up like the different ways to masturbate. And with several free porn for women to view from porn sites like Pornodoe, masturbation can be taken to a whole new level.